Entrepreneurship & innovations

Founder SOMA Awards: The Kenya Social Media Awards (SOMA Awards) recognize and award individuals and organizations using social media positively. SOMA attracted OLX as the title and Safaricom as the Gold sponsor for 5 Years.

Founder, SOMA Connect: A social media outreach platform that connects social media enthusiasts for new skills and training. The events where sponsored by Safaricom for a period of 3 years as the anchor sponsor.

Founder of Women in Digital: A platform that has created a community of women in digital and annual award of top 25 women in digital.

Founder of Men in Digital: A platform that has put together a community of men in digital and the annual Top 25 men in digital award.

Founder of E-Community: The E-Community enjoys different initiatives that help grow E-commerce ecosystem. The events include: E-Awards, E-Day and E- Week.

Founder, Digital Transformers: A mentorship program that focuses on impacting the youth with digital knowledge and skills.

Founder, Digital Fair:The fair attracts exhibitors with digital innovators, products and services

Founder, Social Media Day KE: This day Social Media Enthusiasts celebrate the growth, Influence and power of social Media in Personal, Brand and Community Growth, It is Held on 30th June every year.

#BeResponsibleOnline :The campaign was founded during the 2017 general elections in Kenya and focuses on sensitizing the online community on the need to cover their digital foot prints and share responsible content.