Executive summary

I have more than 13 years of experience in event marketing and management with great expertise in industry Awards, new product development and customer acquisition.

A well-known digipreneur with a knack for innovative digital concepts geared towards personal and industry growth, I have a track record in creating disruptive platforms, long term business partnerships and collaborations. In 2012, I pioneered the Social Media Awards (SOMA) in Kenya and Africa at large that inusuenced the adoption and growth of social media in the region.

In 2014, I founded Digitalk Africa Ltd, a digital events and knowledge sharing consultancy in Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa. Digitalk has built collaborative communities of men,] women and youth interested in the emerging digital economy.

Key Digitalk platforms have shaped and inusuenced awareness and adoption of social media, e-commerce and digital marketing in Kenya.

These platforms are Top 25 men in Digital, Top 25 women in Digital and SOMA Awards, Ecommerce Awards and digital transformers mentorship program.

Each of these initiatives have attracted leading brands in the country to become long term sponsors and partners and created invaluable network of leading industry players. The platforms have attracted more than 700 Million worth of PR value, 180K database, 690 award nominees and 38 mentees.

The knowledge and skills acquired throughout my experience with these initiatives has prepared me to work with multinationals, blue chip companies, the Government, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and small and medium size companies.

My consultancy is focussed on events marketing and management with special interest in Awards design and management, customer acquisition strategies for e-commerce businesses, product development for SMEs and digital disruption incubation models for existing organizations.

Competency pillars

Event Marketing &
Business development
Digital Disruption
Customer acquisition
& Management