30-Days Social Media Challenge


Social media has had an unprecedented effect on the way we conduct our politics. Kenyans in their millions are using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Youtube. The impact of social media as a tool of political engagement is already being felt profoundly in the August Polls . This is mainly as a result of the growth of various digital platforms due to the increasing internet penetration and mobile subscription in the country. According to the latest annual report, “The State of the Internet in Kenya 2016” by Nendo, there are 6.1 million Kenyans on Facebook, up by 1.8 million users registered in 2015. The number of monthly active users on Twitter stands at 2.2 million with a million daily active users. This is up from the 700,000 monthly active users estimated in 2015. WhatsApp is an extremely popular chatting platform in Kenya and it is estimated to have 10 million users while the likes of Instagram and LinkedIn are estimated to have 3 million and 1.5 million, respectively.

Majority of social media users are young and with majority of the Kenyan voters being youthful, digitally literate with access to smartphones and the Internet, the power of digital in the August polls cannot be understated.This necessitates responsible use of social media, as anything short of that can lead to distortion of public discourses and fan ethnic animosities in young democracies like ours that previously witnessed ethnic-instigated violence.It is against this backdrop that a campaign dubbed The 30-days Social Media Challenge has been created. The initiative by the Director of Eyeballs Africa Ltd and Founder of the Kenya Social Media Awards, Martin Muli, aims at encouraging social media users to be responsible online.It focuses on conversations that highlight the benefits of social media to individuals, organizations and the society at large. The challenge will be a key driver of responsible use of social media during the election period.

The Social Media Challenge will be executed from 30th June to 30th July 2017.


Highlight online opportunities

Encourage positive use of Social Media

Advocate for responsible use of digital channels during election period